Welcome to Taretto’s documentation!


EARLY PRE-RELEASE This version of Taretto is an early pre-release which is likely to change drastically until version 0.5.

Taretto is a collection of tooling to assist in performing functional testing of applications. The tools are designed to be used either separately or in combination with each other. For some tools, their integration is strong, others are more standalone. Currently Taretto offers the following tools:

  • Navmazing - A tool design to build up complex navigation trees from simple steps. You define navigation destinations, including a way to check if you are already at the destination already, a prerequisite, and a step to take once the prerequisite is reached. Navmazing will then navigate to a destination by chaining the prerequisites together, skipping out early if it detects it is already there.
  • Widgetastic - If you have the requirement to describe and interact with web based forms and user interfaces, Widgetastic can simplify and maximise code reuse. The system has a powerful View system to enable conditional view based on the values of widgets on the page. Widgetastic comes with support for basic HTML elements as well as the PatternFly library. More UI frameworks are planned in the future.
  • Sentaku - This tool allows you to specify multiple methods on an object with the same name and then let the system decide which one to run based on either a context that you specify, or a predefined preferential list. This allows you to support multiple implementations, ie REST, UI, SSH, for a single object method, and have the system pick which one to use. The beauty of this approach is that your test body can be the same for each implementation and the context will dictate which implementation of hte method will be run.

In the future, Taretto is hoping to provide tooling for

  • Browser management
  • pytest helpers
  • Collections and Entities Modelling

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